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#1 2007-01-17 00:21:05

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Everyone has to know about constipation and it quick cure

What I am trying to discuss is to summarize of constipation problem and it quick cure because it is necessary and every human being at any age will suffer from constipation. As we know there are many reasons of constipation like haemorrhoids, immobility, hypothyroidism, hormonal changes like those in pregnancy and anal fissure but the main causes of constipation is diet, most commonly it is a diet which lacking in fiber and eating large amount of dairy product and inadequate water intake.

Regular constipation can lead to severe stomach and intestinal difficulties. Resisting the urge to have a bowel movement, this is sometimes the result of pain from hemorrhoids. The side effect of medications, an illness or disorder, and anatomical is other causes of constipation.

Generally constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent. Bowel movements varies different person have different timing, some people have bowel movement three time a day, other once a day and even some have only one or two times in a week. Going longer than three days without a bowel movement is too much long, that after three days, the stool or feces became harder and more difficult to pass and then constipation problem arose with pain.

As I discuss above the causes of constipation I like add more that it can happen as disorder of bowel function rather than structural problem and sometime stress and depression can cause constipation.

Pain, vomiting, swollen abdomen infrequent or difficult bowel movement are the major symptoms of constipation. Eat a well balance diet with lot of fiber, drink at least two quarter of water as water and fiber helps the colon pass stool, exercise regularly and more important move bowels when ever you feel the urge, for fast relief can also use medicine and supplement, herbal products is more useful and free from side effect because it works naturally.

There are many effective products available in market but you can try Colon Clenz, it contains a balance blend of herbs which is effectively help to promote regularity and gently cleansing the inner environment.   
As Colon Clenz contain special herbs that help sooth the digestive tract and frequent bowel movements. Now a day Colon Clenz is one of the best product for constipation as it sell shows because customers know they can count on Colon Clenz to work dependably.



#2 2008-02-19 09:08:57

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Re: Everyone has to know about constipation and it quick cure

That's a good point Ketty.  I think the need for water and fiber in a diet is often overlooked.  I  had a problem with constipation earlier, but after I took some fiber tablets I started to feel much less pressure in my bowels/



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