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Colonix Cleanse Log....


     I found this site while I was researching Colonix and found it to be quite helpful. In return, I have decided to log my progress with Colonix for however long I decide to do it. I only bought the Colonix Cleansing product and for only a single month. In this way I can hedge my losses if it does not work for me. wink

Here is a quick little bit about me. In a nutshell, I am what you would call a fitness fanatic. I have loved working out since I was a freshman in High School and genuinely enjoy the entire process. I will wake up the morning after a workout, be sore out of my mind, and start grinning like an idiot. I have started getting more and more into nutrition and diet the last couple of years as my metabolism has noticeably slowed and my fitness goals have become harder to come by. I powerlifted in college and generally stay in shape year round, though my goals do change. I am in my early twenties and decided to try Colonix as I have recently had a very bad bout of "lack of motivation." My fat content is higher than ever and I weigh less than I did before I started do the math...that's a lot of muscle loss. In accordance with the revamping of my diet and exercise program, I decided it would be beneficial to start a cleanse as well. I have read about them before and been very skeptical about their efficacy. As I stated earlier, I typically eat very well as I was "blessed" with a relative intolerance for sweets. I haven't eaten cake at a birthday party since I was five...imagine that. Here is what I hope to gain: along with my muscle building activities, I have taken many different supplements over the years. Nothing illegal or harmful, but many nonetheless. I sometimes wonder how successfully my body digests all of those powders, pills, etc and think that some could perhaps be residing still within my intestines. I figure that by combining this cleanse with increased workouts and a newly dialed in nutrition plan that I could make good gains. Here goes!

I started the program on July 1st, but waited to begin posting until I saw results. Here is what I can remember from previous days.

July 1

Took the pills and powders as directed in the morning. Obviously, no drastic results within the first 24 hours. Boiled the tea for 2 minutes the first night and went to bed.

July 2

Woke up that morning and did not feel the need to "go" so the next tea round will be boiled for longer. One BM in the afternoon. Nothing special. Boiled tea for 4 minutes.

July 3

Very slight headache today, though it could be from anything. I have not felt the need to "go" in the morning yet. My BM's have been during the afternoon and uneventful. I do not take a probiotic, but I do eat quite a bit of yogurt, so I am counting on that to keep me well supplied with good bacteria.

July 4

I haven't taken the tea in a couple of days, but my BM's are always solid and always large in the afternoons. I need to get back on it and boil it longer.

July 5

Slight headache again, though nothing major. Also, I do not have the "cold-like" symptoms that many people have. This is the last day for half scoops and 2 Paranil pills.

July 6

Took a full scoop and 4 pills this morning. I am excited to see what happens during this week because everyone seems to see results at about this time. Normal BM in the afternoon. They come on quite gradually and there is no rushing to the bathroom. I do not find it hard to drink that much water, since it can also be beneficial to your kidneys. Drank tea steeped for 7 minutes tonight.

July 7

Still no morning BM. The afternoon seems to be my time. Maybe longer steeped tea. I have noticed in the past with other supplements that my body needs larger doses to respond the same as someone else. I do not know if this is good or bad. Some gas in the afternoon, but more than anything my stomach was rumbling like crazy after lunch. I have the feeling that something may happen. I was proven correct. After getting home, I had a large BM and saw an "alien" form that looked like nothing else I have ever passed. It also had what looked like a red tube poking out of the side, which may be a parasite. Definitely some weird stuff though. Steeped tea for eight minutes.

July 8

I slept great last night but still no morning BM. I will steep the tea tonight for 10-12 minutes and see if that works. I went through the entire day today without needing to go. I was a little concerned, but considered that my body, since it began to pass the bad stuff last night, may be gearing up for more. Still, when I got home, I took some seed husk pills I have with plenty of water just to kick start things. About 30 minutes later, I had a very big BM! Way more stuff this time and definite mucoid plaque. I am very excited to see that this is working! I was worried for a couple of days that I could be getting too much water and diluting the powder, but everything seems to be okay. There were little white dots in the BM which may be parasites. I am just glad to get this stuff out. I do not have cramps or feel flu-like so this is all in all a great experience for me. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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Re: Colonix Cleanse Log....

July 8 Evening Update

I had a second BM this evening after workout, and it also had aliens in it (sorry, but I am not interested in picking them out of the toilet and taking pictures). This is the first day that I have had two BMs while on Colonix. I am thinking tht I turned the corner last night and that more stuff will come out soon. I do not have any cramping, really, but I can feel my stomach shifting around, like things are being moved inside. This is probably a good thing. I do have a headache this evening but it could easily be due to a relative lack of sleep these past couple of days. One possible reason for my second BM this afternoon, which followed the first by only three hours is my evening intake of olive oil. I have a chicken salad with extra virgin olive oil and basalmic vinegar most nights and olive oil is good for the digestive tract and a mild laxative. This could explain it.

A couple of other small things:

I notice that my stomach is flatter, even after eating. That is not to say that I have really lost any fat (its way too early in my revamped cardio sessions for that) but it definitely looks better.

Contrary to what most people have reported, I seem to be hungry more often now. I did not do my HIIT this afternoon, which raises metabolism well after the workout is through. Normally after these sessions, I go home and eat a lot, only to be starving again is about an hour. On non-cardio days, this does not happen...I eat once and am satiated for a while. Today, however, I cannot seem to get full. My theory is that as my body pushes this stuff out, my digestion is better/faster so I need to eat more often. That is just fine with me, but curiously different than what most people have experienced.

So far I am very satisfied. I have already decided that if I am still passing these things towards the end of the month then I will go ahead and order a second months supply, most likely with the Toxinout as well.





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Re: Colonix Cleanse Log....

Good luck man, sounds like you are on your way.  I did a 30 day cleanse and documented it here as well.  It went pretty good for me. 

I workout alot too.  Mostly, I do cardio and towards the end of the cleanse I had started p90x which I am still on.  Also, I do quite a bit of running, I shoot for 15-20 miles per week.

I did the Toxinout on my cleanse, I noticed you said you were'nt doing that.  I may do another cleanse a bit down the road myself.  I had a few bouts of terrible headaches, but they only lasted about a day or so.  I think I had flu like symptoms once or twice too, but it didn't last long.

Good luck on your cleanse!



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Re: Colonix Cleanse Log....

Thanks for the post scrapple. I will very likely do the Toxinout after this month if it works anything like this product.

July 9 Update

For the first time had two BMs today. Neither were particularly large, but both had some definite mucoid plaque. I continue to become more and more impressed with this product. It does what it says it will do if you follow the instructions.

I don't know if the two BMs were because of the 12-minute steeped tea that I had last night, but they were both in the afternoon only about 2 hours apart. I had a fiber bar a little earlier along with some olive oil on my Subway so maybe that did the trick. I think that most people have had their BMs as a result of the tea in the morning, so I don't think it is working for me. I have some Chamomile to help me sleep anyways, so I don't worry about that part. In fact, the tea is the only part of this program that I do not feel comfortable with. If it helped me with any constipation, then I would only take every three days or so because of the potential harm to my liver over a longer period of time. I must admit, also, that I continue to drink caffeine on a daily basis, though I have drastically cut back my portions.

Still no flu-like symptoms, no headaches, and everything seems to be going well.

July 10 Afternoon Update

I had a BM this afternoon, and passed more plaque. I feel "empty" after I do this usually and it really makes me feel better about my health to expel this stuff.



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