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#1 2009-06-22 23:39:39

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Bowltrol Questions

Hey guys,
I'm so glad i found this site I really hope somebody can help me out and answer a few questions i have, or help diagnose what it is I did wrong during my cleanse or should try different

I took bowltrol about 2 weeks ago for a 1 week period. during that time i started off taking 3 pills and finished the week by taking 6. Following the 3rd day and continuing until a week after i finished  taking them i was EXTREMELY bloated and sluggish, and by the end of the week i was 10lbs heavier then before!!! The bloating is still a problem and i have now become more constipated then i was before. I was taking a multivitamin and a pro biotic with the bowltrol Colon Cleanse product, and i was eating a lot of fruit but definitely not enough veggies. I am wanting to try it again and do another 1 week cleanse, does any one have any suggestions or tips? i would very very much appreciate it.



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