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From Wicked to Wonderful

First, I wish to say "Hello!" to this forum and its members.  I just found it today, and have been actively reading many of your posts regarding Colonix.  I just completed my 2nd month of using the Colonix/Paranil/KleriTea program.  I was faithful to follow the instructions for the first month, but didn't use the KleriTea during the second month.  Here are my results:

1.)  I had to find a good liquid for suspending the Colonix powder.  I tried iced tea...yuck!  Apple Juice was better, but the Colonix powder has a strong licorice oder and harder to mask.  I finally ended up using a generic cran-grape juice.  It worked great, but the flavor and sugar level was a bit strong when I mixed in the powder, so I simply diluted the juice 50/50 with water, and Voila!...that was the key!
2.)  KleriTea was much easier to drink if I added a little sweetener.
3.)  The Paranil capusules have a garlic taste, but are an average size and easy to swallow.  I used some of my 50/50 cran-grape juice and it masked the garlic flavor quite well.
4.)  I designed a chart on my computer to help me keep a concise daily record of events.  This will come in handy when I see my doctor.

I am a 59 year old male, and I have been living with IBS problems for about 15 years.  My doctor has suggested a few regimints of treatment, but they did little or squat to help my condition.  The latest was a month of Probiotics...they must have been placebos.  I know they are important in theory, but of no benefit for me.  His next suggestion was for me to try a colon cleanser.  It sounded easy, but when I started my search on the Internet, it seemed that every product was touted as the best.  I'm not sure how I settled on Dr. Natura's product line, but I'm satisfied that I did.  Let me share my experience.

A regular BM for me was maybe once every 5-8 days, and a public toilet that I could walk away from if I stopped it up (Ha!).  Wiping was usually an event in itself...imagine trying to remove poo that was the consistency of paste!  It was always a problem!  As for the IBS, I had problems with cramps and bloating about once a month or so, and it usually lasted 3 to 4 days.  I ordered the Colonix package for a 2-month supply, hoping for the best, but expecting very little.

After the 6th day, like many of you, I started seeing some weirdness in the toilet...funky mosaics, ground corn or corn meal shaped pieces, and short ropey connectors between the chunks.  One other thing was unbelievable.  I unrolled the usual 12 sheets of toilet paper to begin the wiping process, but there wasn't anything there to wipe off!  I could have used a single sheet that day, and even saved it for the next seven....not that I would actually do that...I'm just trying to illustrate my point.  This was a miracle in itself!

By the end of the second month, I can safely say that my IBS has kept silent, and my BM's are spaced now at 1 to 3 day intervals.  Oh, and another thing, I no longer lve in fear of stopping up the toilet...what a relief!

In summary, yes I am glad I tried Colonix and plan to continue its use on a daily basis to keep my digestive system closer to normal.  Next, I may try to diet through healthy eating and exercise.  Well, one miracle at a time!



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