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#1 2009-01-19 20:04:06

Katy May
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The Poop Times

Hi Everyone!

So wonderful that there is a place where people can discuss a taboo but such an important subject like having a shit. At the end of the day everyone does it! And without doing it, well, we feel like crap.

My journey started from typing the word ''constipation'' into Google search. I was directed to a couple of "help-yourself-on-line" medical web sites where I was trying to find an answer to my on-going problem.

On one of those sited there was a link to Colonix Cleansing program, which LOOKED like it certantly worked. In fact, I've never seen such a monstrous shit in my life! It got me pretty excited and curious what must be happening inside ME!

The point is, I am young healthy female (23 y.o.), active (work out 2-3 times p/w), eat tonne of fruits, vegetables, drink gallons of fruit juices and water and am terribly constipated. I drink 1 coffee a day, gave up smoking 1 month ago. For me it's real mystery why I have any kind of struggles at all.

Sometimes it becomes pretty absurd, it's dry, small, hard and it seems like I just can't relax.. I feel like a baloon, heavy, gassy, tired and constantly thinking of having this problem. I DREAM of feather-like feeling!

It all started about 5 months ago, suddenly. I've tried various teas but never felt like they were enough. I went to my doctor who said that all is fine and that I should try to add some prunes and drink more water in my diet. I did, and not much of the result.

I got very intrigued by the program but am a bit scared to start as it seems like it can backfire and make things worse. I would very much appreciate if you, guys, could make it a bit clearer to me about those additional supplements that have to be taken together. And whether there is any kind of addiction (I mean, I don't want to have to take it for the rest of my life just to have a shit) as some laxatives can make bowel passive. And does it have to be 3 month or 1 can be ok? Is it the best detox program there is (as I've seen there are a few on the market). I am pretty confused and will be really greatful for any tips and advise you can give me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Good luck to everyone,

Katy May :-)



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