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Waiting For My Colonix.

Hello All.  I am waiting for my Colonix to arrive tomorrow.  I've decided to try the cleanse, because, lately I have been experiencing severe flatulance and feeling bloated and the excessive weight gain from me quitting smoking.  I do get gall stone attacks every 6 months or later ever since I gave birth to my 2nd but last child in 07.  I was Pre-Eclamptic (hypertension). My GYN said that can cause the Gall Stones. 
Any Way,The CS rep told me that Colonix will cause flatulance and told me to purchase the Flora Protect to help manage or even stop the gas.  I just hope this works for me, because I do have to take Public Transportation to work, which I was unable to do ever since my sever flatulance caused me to take Taxi's @ $15.00 each way. I thought by me quitting smoking, I would save my money.  All my money is going into the cabs lol.
It is very embarassing and I am going nuts here.  I Pray this will work for me.
I do have an appointment with my GI doc on the 15th, but, still will do the cleanse.



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