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#1 2008-12-28 00:15:47

poopy longstocking
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we will see what happens

I am barely on day 3.  I must say though that after reading your posts I'm beginnning to get a little worried about whether or not it will work.  It seems this product has been more unsuccessful than successful for you guys.

I have had a little spurt of energy.  Then again I have also started taking some multivitamins so it could be because of that.  With the increased water intake I have been drinking I feel more full which means I eat less which means I might even lose a few pounds (I hope), but this will probably be due to eating less.  Nevertheless I will stay positive and hope for the best results.

After I am done with the cleanse I will try to keep up with the 8 glasses of water as I think it will continue to keep me cleansed with good energy and skin.

The slight cramping I have felt does not even begin to compare to menstrual cramps so it doesn't really bother me.  What did bother me is the headache I had yesterday for like 7-8 hours, with slight nausea.  Luckily no headaches today.

I have taken the tea the past two nights but I think I will do it every other night from now on to avoid dependency.  So far I've had two BMs per day which is one more than usual, so I guess that is good.

Powder isn't a problem b/c I mix it with V8 fruit juice so I can't really taste the powder.

I'll try and post every couple of days in case any of this info is helpful to anyone.

Oh yea my husband is also on it and both of us are experiencing a lot of extra gas.. are the pills creating this?  Neither one of us were that gassy beforehand.



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