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Last two days of the third month with Dr. Natura

Greetings, I still remember my urgency, expectations and questions when I finally decided to colon cleanse.  I thought I would journal my experience so as to share with all, but instead I will sum it up now.  Truthfully, the daily reports would have significant value only to me.  Each person will have their own journey due to the life experience that brought them here.  Keep that in mind, always.  However, since there was once a time when it seemed unfamiliar and I looked to these posts for information and guidance, I too, will share what I experienced.
I am 38 years along, male, active and health "mindbody" conscious.  Although I've eaten organic and mostly vegetarian for 20 years (as well as visiting my share of health food stores and partaking in the vitamins, teas, kambucha, psyllium husks, etc. and combined it all with a beautiful range of alternative medicine,) I consumed alcohol regularly (with the every other year, five month abstinence from booze thing until I finally made the honest break) and had spurts with coffee and smoking.  Strangely (to me at least,) I felt less than optimally healthy.  I am aware of other's diets and wonder how "they" can even function eating the way they do.  One more lesson for me, don't compare myself to others, just find what works for me and stay true to myself.
I'm the kind of person that saw all the photos of stools and bought three months worth immediately. smile   I did investigate other brands, but Dr. Natura seemed intuitively right for my style.  The three months has given me time to watch the changes occurring and realize what was happening.  First off, Dr. Natura is gentle.  My reactions during the detox process were noticable yet manageable.  During the first six weeks I experienced five headachy flu like symptoms with an emotional overtone.  One episode during week five was intense, lasting twenty hours or so, and I gave myself an enema because I had been constipated for two days prior.  After the enema I felt better.  I woke up the next morning feeling fine and as with each similar (but more moderate) occurance the bowel movement was the release.  I've had more gas than I did before some smelly some not so much but they are farts so just as the stools, shit stinks.  I looked at all my stools and only once did I see anything remotely resembling the dramatic pics online.  In my view it is the intestinal cleanser that is causing most of that wierd shit.  I say this  because I saw how the intestinal cleanser hardened in a glass with water after five minutes and how the stools resembled that ( with fecal matter mixed in of course.)   I will say that I began to notice that the initial segment of each BM have noticablely harder and darker pieces that I imagine was old poop getting scraped off.
As for how much I followed the program, I can say I was diligent in observing the guidance provided.  I will admit that I started to up the intestinal cleanser to one and a half scoops quickly and kept it at that amount through out.  I realized also that the my daily Kleari tea intake was too much.  When I first stopped taking it during the start of the second month I experienced constipation.  I generally have always had a large/healthy BM in the morning so I think I didn't need a daily dose of the tea.  I started taking it steeped for 6 min. every other day and it worked good for me.    I can say that at times I have had up to three BMs in a day but fortunately, they were all with warning and as I listened to the need within ten minutes I was able to avoid shitting my pants.  (Just don't put it off for too long or I can imagine a mess.)
Some other advice is to get a pair of chop stix. Drinking plenty of water is just common sense.   Be flexible.  I still don't feel stellar like I hoped, but I do recognize that it was helpful.  I didn't lose any weight but then again that was not my aim nor do I have any to lose.  I do feel a renewed commitment to my health so that's a plus.  The three months is plenty long, and I feel like I am ready to move on, but I would have not experienced all that I did if I had only done a one month program.
Once again, the Dr. Natura program was gentle and yet "something" was still happening.  (I like that.)  In the end, I'm grateful and feel as though I have given to myself by letting go. Now, at the close of three months, I have a nice sense of accomplishment, and that is priceless!
One Love,



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Re: Last two days of the third month with Dr. Natura

Yeah I'm sure they show pics of only extreme cases but its wonderful that it worked to cleanse you out. I've said before that my husband and I are healthy- we've always enjoyed working out, eat fairly well, rarely drink, never smoked. But the convincing factor was the site pointing out that everything we eat is processed with chemicals or something and by the age of (nearly) 30 we are bound to have a few impurities.

Congrats on success!



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