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#1 2008-11-20 20:33:45

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1 month tomorrow into Colonix cleanse

Tomorrow is day 30 on the colonix program. While I am glad I am on the program, I am ever so slightly dissapointed.

Before going on the cleanse program,  I had a fairly consistant BM ea. morning. (Maybe 6 out of 7 days a week)It was fairly large as well. The reason I wanted to cleanse is really to cleanse for parasites and overall sense of wellness.  I really felt the need.

I have followed the program exactly.  I only go once a day, usually in the morning and it is normal size for me- nothing unusual. The only thing I did see was some unusual looking lighter pieces that look like garlic cloves or corn cornels and I did not ever eat that prior. Does anyone know what this can be? It took two days to pass about 6 or 7 of these very distinct looking pieces that were seperate from my stool. It is hard for me to tell if parasites are comming out.  I thought I did see one or 2 worms the size of half my pinky finger and very thin, but I am not 100% sure.

My face is very clean looking from all the H2O. I do feel a slight increase in energy. I do not feel like excess waste is comming out though. I am going to stay with the program for the full 3 months and report back. Tomorrow I stop the paranil and tea for the week break.

Also, I have always eaten relatively healthy. Not alot of sugar and never fast food. I have not changed my diet much other than feeling that I do not need coffee anymore. I very occasionally have a cup and I was a 3-4 cup of coffee drinker.

So I have seen some results, I just expected more.



#2 2008-11-29 10:40:17

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Re: 1 month tomorrow into Colonix cleanse

Thanks for your post, you have a very good perspective as to where you are coming from.

At least you are seeing some results which is encouraging, I look forward to seeing what further experiences you share.



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