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This made me sick each time I tried it

I purchased a three months supply of this product and was quite anxious to 'detoxify' myself.  It seemed I was in need of some kind of digestive overhaul, not weight loss.  I felt sluggish, had irregularity, and it seemed diet alone wasn't the answer.  I wanted that energetic feeling the product offered, and I felt a need to clean everything up, so to speak. 
When the products arrived, I started slowly, just as directed which made sense because I was making some rather BIG changes in my body.  This is true of lots of things-exercise programs, diets (which I don't do), and apparentlly colon cleansing. 
Well, the first few days I was reacting more to the tea which is laxative by composition.  I certainly was moving my bowels more often. I know this sounds kind of gross, but I didn't see any of the horrible bowel movements the literature had warned might occur.  This was more of a relief.  The other thing that happened was pretty noticeable to others- I had the nastiest gas I'd ever had!  That had to be from the bulk powder even though I started slow.  This never went away.  If I drank that powder preparation, I had LOTS of gas by the afternoon and everyone in the house knew it! But I thought this must be part of the natural detxifying effects and carried on.
After taking everything as directed for about two weeks, I started retaining fluid and feeling sick.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it and figured it was my body detoxifying except for one thing-I don't think any detox/colon cleanse is supposed to make your ankles and hands fill with fluid.  While there are many things that can cause this, heart problems, kidney problems, too much salt, I wondered if the preparation in the bulk powder had something in it that just didn't agree with my system. 
So I tried reducing the dosage gradually down to none, then stopped the paranil portion.  I also stopped the tea.  After about a week or so, I lost the fluid that had built up in my body and felt better overall.  Still, I figured I hadn't given this product a fair trial.
I waited a week and restarted the program slowly.  This time, I began feeling strange within the first week...again it was a strange sensation of having something going on, like pressure in my circulatory system.  I had my blood pressure checked and it was about 20 points higher than usual...130 over 80 when I'm normally 90/60-110/70.  I kept taking the product just as directed and sadly the fluid retention, excessive flatulence (gas) continued but now with headaches.  It was all worse than the first time.
I stopped taking the product. The fluid retention went away slowly, the flatulence stopped almost immediately, and the headaches went away.  I waited two weeks and tried to restart with the same results.  The tea was fine, the paranil was fine but as soon as I started with the bulk powder component of the system, I had the same problems.  After two more attempts, I gave up on this product because it seemed there was something in there that I was either allergic to or it just disagreed with my system and caused me negatiive symptoms.  Either way, this product isn't for me.  I think I could still get the tea but I won't be using the rest of the system again.  My conclusion is that there is an herb or combination of herbs in this product that don't work for me and it concerned me that I might actually be harming my kidneys.  The blood pressure changes, the headaches, and fluid retention seemed to point this way.  I'm sure I wasn't doing my body any favors. 
On the positive note, the powder certainly tasted better than any other psyllium-based product I've tried and I was intrigues by the idea that many of us may have parasites but ot realize it. 
The tea is actually a great occasional laxative.  I prefer it to over-the-counter preparations.
I wish I could report wonderful results but the main component- the bulk powder- made me sick.



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Re: This made me sick each time I tried it

Sorry to hear your results. I agree with the flatulance part as well.
My husband and I also did not have success with the Colonix but you had some very scary reactions and I'm surprised you tried it as many times as you did. Have you talked to a Natura CS? If so, did they have any advice? Well, at least there is a money-back guarantee because in your situation it seems you really earned it.



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